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The group said that the excess power of UPS batteries in the data center should be sold to the grid.
Time:2019-07-18    Source:    Views:479
With the popularity of distributed management in the energy market, distributed energy is gaining a larger market share, which provides a feasible opportunity for data centers to sell the surplus power of UPS batteries to the grid.

Eaton Group advocates that the storage capacity of Discontinuous Power Supply (UPS) batteries, which are often dormant in data centers, can be used to provide new sources of revenue for these data centers.
Eaton Group said that excess power generated during a downturn in electricity demand should be stored in battery energy storage systems throughout global data centers. Then, the algorithm related to the demand of power grid is used to extract power according to the demand of power grid. If not, return the electricity to the battery.

This concept is called distributed energy, partly because the power generation industry is changing the emerging green energy, such as wind energy and solar energy, and the thinking factors currently used at the grid level are different from fossil fuel power generation currently being phased out. For example, solar energy can only be consumed during the day, but there is a lot of demand for electricity at night.

Coal, natural gas and petroleum power generation is always planned in advance, timely and used for real-time power generation. But in the past, the supply, storage and demand of electricity have been more shaken. More electricity needs to be stored.

With the application of existing power plants, power distribution can be more evenly distributed. Although UPS power supply in data centers has peaks and troughs in demand, utilities will, in practice, provide power more efficiently, just like batteries or virtual power plants in quasi-grids.

This UPS use case is called Energy Aware, which is used to adjust the frequency in the power grid. This is related to the frequency tolerance required to make the grid work, and its inherent frequency will not deviate too much. If the demand for electricity suddenly soared and there was no more power supply then, it would be abnormal.

Sean James, Microsoft's director of energy research, explained in a promotional video that there is usually no need to remove too much electricity. Microsoft's Innovation Center in Virginia is continuing to collaborate with Eaton on this project, which has been adjusted enough to get frequency tolerances back on track, while UPS is still working properly.

Eaton said data centers should be involved in the energy market. This may mean stopping bidding as a consumer of electricity to companies that need to buy electricity. If the power stored by UPS batteries is profitable at some point, the data center can even turn on a standby diesel generator to operate.

James said: "Future data centers will not only be a huge load on the grid, but may also be a source of electricity. In the future, there may be no difference between data centers and power plants.
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