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Your Current Location:Home > Products > Rack type UPS power supply > 山特UPS電源城堡系列 Rack 1-3kVA
Product Name:山特UPS電源城堡系列 Rack 1-3kVA
Product Detailed:
Product description RACK UPS can provide reliable power supply for the load, whether from the filter regulator output range and frequency range, input noise, and power mode and battery mode switching time considerations, Rack UPS is UPS structure, thus the best, especially for key equipment, such as communication system and computer network system or, is to provide more flexible and reliable power protection demanding equipment for electric power environment. 1-3kVA Rack technology parameters of the technical parameters of the difference to the ultimate user benefits rated capacity: 1-3kVA input voltage range: (110-300) VAC input frequency range: (40-70) Hz output voltage: 220* (1+2%) VAC topology: 1, failure rate is low over wide input voltage and frequency range, able to adapt to the power environment, the use of generator, effective isolation of generator power, provide a clean, reliable and stable power output. On the basis of the previous generation of products, the protection function of more reliable power components and the design of anti corrosion are increased, and the adaptability of UPS to environment is improved. To provide users with standard UPS and long-term UPS two options. Among them, the long - term UPS can be configured to provide more than 12 hours of backup protection time, more than hours. 2, intelligent for the user to provide a wealth of intelligent management and communication functions, to achieve UPS centralized monitoring and remote monitoring and other management methods. Designed for the cabinet, the UPS host and the external battery pack can be installed in the standard IT cabinets, compact structure reduces the overall size of the device, saving valuable installation space. With calls to restart automatically and battery cooling and other functions, to bring more user-friendly, more intelligent device use experience. 3, green energy saving: the use of dual transform line topology, whether in the city or battery mode, can provide 24 hours of uninterrupted pure sine wave input, meet the requirements of high quality power for different devices to provide a reliable source of power for the user. Output power factor up to 0.9, more than the same kind of other products to provide 28% of the power to load, so that the use of UPS more flexible, with more load capacity, so as to save money for users. The active power factor correction technology (active PFC) is used to make the input power factor as high as 0.99, which can effectively avoid the pollution of the grid environment, in order to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing the cost of the system. Ultra high UPS output efficiency, greatly improving the utilization of power grid resources, but also reduce the generation of heat, to meet the growing demand for green and energy saving, but also for the user to reduce operating costs.
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Add:Chaoyang District Wangjing Beijing garden building 25, 6032  Tel:400-827-8891    
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